Our Results
We are proud of the excellent results we have achieved and the positive impact this continues to have on people who put their trust in us. We love delivering the good news, and we have lots to share!

Whist every case is unique and we cannot guarantee results, our statistics are a good indicator of the outcomes we have been able to achieve. It is not unusual for us to defeat all the claims faced by a client without any court proceedings.

Many of those clients had been paying to reduce their debt for years without seeing any meaningful progress. Those clients then discovered that they had a RIGHT NOT TO PAY the thousands of pounds being claimed against them and have had their debt burden lifted.

Debt buyers

The vast majority of our clients come to us with claims that are made by the major debt buyers. These companies buy claims in debt from original lenders (or sometimes other debt buyers). The debts are bought and sold for a fraction of the amount claimed. The price varies but may range between 1p to 10p per £1 of debt.

Our success against 4 of the major debt buyers across 867 claims speaks for itself.

How much debt we have cleared.

Total number of claims: 867

Total number of unenforceable claims: 757

These are cases in which the company making the claim has not been able to establish that it has title to an enforceable claim and the value of that claim.

Total number of unenforceable claims which have been abandoned: 416

These are cases in which the company making the claim has now accepted that it is not able to establish that it has title to an enforceable claim and the value of that claim

We are acutely aware that these are only numbers and that every client is an individual facing claims and anxieties which are unique to him or her.

Woman looking forward to clearing her credit card debt.

We treat every client as our only client and in addition to the hard numbers our case studies provide live examples of how we have helped and you can view feedback received from some of our many satisfied clients.

Though we cannot guarantee the scale of success in each individual case at the outset we do offer peace of mind through our fee guarantee.

The Consumer Law Barristers Guarantee

Each case is unique and that means we can't promise any specific reduction in the amount of debt you will ultimately have to pay.

What we do guarantee is:

  • You will not pay us anything until we have undertaken a full assessment of your circumstances and we have confirmed we can achieve success on your case.
  • We will reduce the amount of debt you have to pay by at least the amount of the fees you pay to us as an absolute minimum. In the unlikely event that we’re unable to do that then we will refund any difference.

This guarantee means that when you benefit from our highly specialist legal advice and assert your rights against the companies claiming you owe them money, you will not be put at a financial disadvantage.