Is Consumer Law Barristers For Me?
If you feel trapped in a cycle of debt and have never taken any expert legal advice, then there is a good prospect that our work would be of real benefit to you.

Our initial ‘Is it for me' checklist:

  • Are you in a debt management plan or think this is a potential way forward for you?
  • Are you being contacted by any of the following companies (or any other debt collector)?
    • PRA
    • Cabot
    • IDEM
    • Lowell
    • Robinson Way
    • Fredrikson
    • Wescot
    • Moorcroft
    • Arrow Global
  • Do you think you owe more than £5,000?
  • Do several companies claim that you owe them money?
  • Has the worry of debt been hanging over you for a number of years?

As an initial indicator, if you can answer yes to any of the above it will certainly be worth having an initial conversation with one of our team. It is possible that we will be able to defeat (at least) some of the claims you are facing without any court proceedings.

To find out more information about how we may be able to help you, please get in touch with us.

Following an initial conversation where one of our team will ask some questions to find out more about the claims you are facing, an experienced barrister and expert in this area of law will provide a free, no obligation review of your position and tell you whether the services which he and the support team at Consumer Law Barristers provide are likely to be of real benefit to you.

Any engagement following this free, no obligation review is subject to our fee guarantee which we are able to offer based on our long experience and strong results.

The Consumer Law Barristers Guarantee

Each case is unique and that means we can't promise any specific reduction in the amount of debt you will ultimately have to pay.

What we do guarantee is:

  • You will not pay us anything until we have undertaken a full assessment of your circumstances and we have confirmed we can achieve success on your case.
  • We will reduce the amount of debt you have to pay by at least the amount of the fees you pay to us as an absolute minimum. In the unlikely event that we’re unable to do that then we will refund any difference.

This guarantee means that when you benefit from our highly specialist legal advice and assert your rights against the companies claiming you owe them money, you will not be put at a financial disadvantage.

Happy family who have cleared their debt.

We will keep you updated on the progress of your case. You will receive formal monthly reports from your barrister and the support team is available and happy to chat at any time via email, telephone and even WhatsApp.

In a Debt Management Plan or considering one?

In our experience, the services we provide are very likely to be of real benefit to you if you are already in a debt management plan.

If you are in debt management or considering debt management then please get in touch to find out how we may be able to help.

Consumer Law Barristers has a strong record of defeating claims which were being paid by people in debt management.

If you have not had any expert legal advice about whether you have to pay the companies which claim you owe them money, please get in contact with us.

Your appointed barrister will assess each of the claims made by the companies you are paying, or you would be paying through your debt management plan, to establish whether they have title to an enforceable claim against you and can prove the value of that claim.

Our results are excellent and many clients who were in debt management before instructing our barrister were set to pay tens of thousands of pounds to companies who could not establish that they had title to an enforceable claim.

Those clients discovered that they had a right not to pay tens of thousands of pounds which was being claimed and have had their debt burden lifted.