Debt Advice

17 Sep 2020

How to negotiate a debt settlement with a collection agency

When you’re in debt, it can often feel impossible to speak with the companies chasing you for money, particularly if you’re being contacted by debt collection agencies. The good news…

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03 Jul 2020

How to declare bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can be voluntary, where you make the application yourself, or involuntary if a creditor applies to make you bankrupt. Bankruptcy is a formal insolvency solution which is a good…

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12 Jun 2019

Exactly when you should start worrying about your level of debt?

A new survey shows people are waiting a long time before getting concerned about their finances. A new study has shown that the average Brit doesn’t begin to worry about their debt until it…

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01 May 2019

Who needs help with debt?

According to debt charity StepChange, the number of younger people seeking debt advice has been increasing in recent years and continues to increase.  More than 619,000 people contacted the charity for…

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08 Apr 2019


A quick call to 0330 124 4252 or email at will start the no obligation, fully confidential journey. We will assess any current debt claims against you using our 4 point check list:…

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04 Apr 2019

Can CLB Help Me?

Our Results At the start of April 2019 (come to the end of 12 months) CLB have closed 125 cases so far. These totalled circa £585k! Of this, only 3…

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