Can Consumer Law Barristers Help Me?
The honest answer to this question is that we won’t know until we understand more about your specific circumstances. The first step to taking back control of your situation is to get in touch and tell us a bit more about you!

If you are subject to claims by companies who are unable or unwilling to comply with their duties to you we will certainly be able to help you on the basis that we will work on your behalf to enforce your legal rights.

You should not feel daunted or intimidated by the fact that you have a specialist barrister working on your behalf, or be concerned that you will become embroiled in a long running, time consuming legal battle requiring the involvement of the courts.

Once engaged we quite literally handle everything for you and undertake all necessary communication on your behalf. Your involvement is limited to providing the information that we need in order to assert your rights and fight your case. We will keep you updated and will advise and support you every step of the way. We literally ‘take the strain’ on your behalf and remove you from the frontline and the need to field constant demands for payments from debt chasing companies.

Our work is based on the following rights:

  • Any company which claims you owe them money is asserting legal rights against you
  • You also have legal rights.
  • You have a right to take legal advice and to be represented by a lawyer.
  • You have a right not to pay any money to any company unless and until you are satisfied that it has a valid and enforceable claim against you.
  • As with any legal claim, you have a right to defend yourself.

Any engagement following a free, no obligation review is subject to our fee guarantee which we are able to offer based on our long experience and strong results.

The Consumer Law Barristers Guarantee

Each case is unique and that means we can't promise any specific reduction in the amount of debt you will ultimately have to pay.

What we do guarantee is:

  • You will not pay us anything until we have undertaken a full assessment of your circumstances and we have confirmed we can achieve success on your case.
  • We will reduce the amount of debt you have to pay by at least the amount of the fees you pay to us as an absolute minimum. In the unlikely event that we’re unable to do that then we will refund any difference.
Couple worried about the burden of their debt.

This guarantee means that when you benefit from our highly specialist legal advice and assert your rights against the companies claiming you owe them money, you will not be put at a financial disadvantage.

How we help – In summary

  • If you have a legal basis for challenging claims against you we will be able to identify that and use it to save you money.
  • We will also put a stop to any harassment and collection activities including calls, letters and messages.
  • We will invariably reduce the level of stress to which you are subjected.