About Consumer Law Barristers

The Consumer Credit Act was designed as an act “for the protection of consumers”.

Consumer Law Barristers provides access to the expert legal advice you need to make sure you are not treated as a commodity by those who buy and sell your debts.

If you are struggling with debt and you are or have been in debt management or you are considering an IVA then it is likely we can be of real help to you. By real help, we do not mean any so called ‘debt solution’, we mean expert and affordable legal advice.

We facilitate the provision of highly specialist legal services and are headed by senior barrister David Uff, a recognised and leading expert in the Consumer Credit Act, with a wealth of experience in the practice of commercial and consumer credit law, spanning over 30 years. For reference his details can be found on the register of barristers maintained by The Bar Standards Board.

Our aim is to allow access to affordable and expert legal advice.

David and our professional support team at Consumer Law Barristers have already achieved excellent results in this field and transformed the lives of many consumers who have fallen victim to irresponsible lending practices or changes in fortune.

Ordinarily, a barrister is only accessible for professional help via a solicitor referral and at a high cost, but we are able to facilitate the services of a barrister for you without you needing to go through a solicitor.

If there is a good prospect that our services will be of real benefit to you we will work for a fixed monthly fee which is affordable to you.

You will be in control. You can choose to cancel the service and stop paying at any time. We will never put pressure on you to pay any fees.

Following an initial conversation where one of our team will ask some questions to find out more about the claims you are facing, our barrister will provide a free, no obligation review of your position and whether Consumer Law Barristers are likely to be able to help.

Any engagement following this free, no obligation review is subject to our fee guarantee.

The Consumer Law Barristers Guarantee

Each case is unique and that means we can’t promise any specific reduction in the amount of debt you will ultimately have to pay.

What we do guarantee is:

  • You will not pay us anything until we have undertaken a full assessment of your circumstances and we have confirmed we can achieve success on your case.
  • We will reduce the amount of debt you have to pay by at least the amount of the fees you pay to us as an absolute minimum. In the unlikely event that we’re unable to do that then we will refund any difference.

This guarantee means that when you benefit from our highly specialist legal advice and assert your rights against any unfair and unlawful claims, you will not be put at a financial disadvantage.

About Consumer Law Barristers

This guarantee means that when you benefit from our highly specialist legal advice and assert your rights against the companies claiming you owe them money, you will not be put at a financial disadvantage.

We will work with your individual circumstances and provide you with accurate advice every step of the way.

Once we are acting for you, we will keep you updated on the progress of your case. You will receive a formal monthly update and our team is available and happy to chat at any time via email, telephone and even WhatsApp.

Essentially, you will have a specialist barrister fighting your corner for you with a high chance of achieving a significant reduction in the amount you have to pay the companies that claim you owe them money, with the additional comfort of our fee guarantee.

If this sounds “too good to be true” please check out the experience of some of our existing clients, read what they have to say, and look at the statistics which demonstrate our performance to date.

If you are interested in finding out more about your rights and how we can help, you can:

Call us on 0330 124 4252 or alternatively email us at hello@consumerlawbarrsiters.co.uk

Our team of support professionals is headed by Charlotte Ogley. The whole team are bound by strict rules and duties in respect of confidentiality and data protection. You can, of course, be assured of the utmost levels of discretion and confidentiality when we are instructed on your behalf. For more information please see our privacy policy.

Are you ready to assert your rights?

In situations where you may have been struggling to meet debt repayments and have missed payment deadlines the company with whom you took out the debt will often sell it on to a third party who will then, using a variety of techniques, chase you for the outstanding amounts.

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