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Are you struggling to meet your debt repayments? Are the demands for payment wearing you down?

When you fall behind on payments under credit agreements, the debts are often sold to companies which specialise in debt collection. These companies make profits by buying your debts cheaply and demanding that you pay the full amount which they claim you owe. The demands can continue for years and people can become trapped in debt. Consumer Law Barristers has a strong record of defeating the claims made by these companies without going to court, resulting in either total eradication or significant reduction of the claimed debts. Our tried and tested process is based on an initial 4 point check:

  • Can the company making the claim prove that it is entitled to do so?
  • Can the company making the claim prove the value of that claim?
  • Is the claim enforceable
  • Have there been any breaches of the requirements of the consumer protection legislation which may entitle you to compensation or a reduction in the amount you have to pay (by a defence known as “set-off”)?

Consumer Law Barristers facilitates the provision of legal services by experienced barristers and experts in this particular field of law.

Our approach involves minimal involvement from you, but gives you full access to a highly skilled and experienced team who take up the challenge directly with the companies that are making payment demands.

We have an established track record of achieving excellent results and in the process have transformed the lives of many people who have fallen victim to irresponsible lending practices or changes in fortune.

Here is a sample of comments from our existing clients.

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